Variables in the Go Programming Language(golang)

Assigning a variable

//Variable is declared.
var codingLanguage string
//Variable is assigned.
codingLanguage = "GO"
var codingLanguage string = "golang"
number := 11

Block variables

var sport string = "Football"
var position string = "Quarterback"
var playerName string = "Jimmy Garoppolo"
var playerNumber int = 10
var (
sport string = "Football"
position string = "Quarterback"
playerName string = "Jimmy Garoppolo"
playerNumber int = 10


const randomFact string = "Pteronophobia is the fear of feathers or being tickled by feathers"randomFact = "Bananas are curved because they grow closer to the sun"//This would return an error because we've already declared that the random fact will be and it cannot be overwritten


Converting Datatypes




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Sean Dever

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