Working with Arrays in Go(golang)


var students = [3]string
var numbers = [3]int{27, 42, 11}
var animals = [...]string{"Lion", "Gorilla", "Cat", "Dog"}
students := [...]string{"Sean", "Elaina", "Clark"}
fmt.Println(len(students)) //method used to print to console
//returns 3 as we have 3 elements in the array

Nested Arrays

var twoDimendionalArray[3][3]int = [3][3]int{[3]int{1, 1, 0}, [3]int{0, 1, 1}, [3]int{0, 0, 1}}
We initializing our array to contain 3 elements within the array and the arrays within that array are going to also contain 3 elements.
arrays are 0 indexed, meaning that they start from zero instead of starting at 1.
we are then assigning first element of the array to contain an array with 1, 1, 0 and following the same process with the second and third element in the array
var twoDimendionalArray[3][3]int
twoDimendionalArray[0] = [3]int{1, 1, 0}
twoDimendionalArray[1] = [3]int{0, 1, 1}
twoDimendionalArray[2] = [3]int{0, 0, 1}

Array Pointer

array1 := int[3]{33,63,74}
array2 := firstArray
array1 := int[3]{33,63,74}
array2 := &array1
array2[0] = 69
It changes both of the arrays because array2 is not pointing to array1 instead of just making a copy of array1





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Sean Dever

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